Colli Euganei

Discover the Euganean Hills Natural Park

So many emotions in a single splendid territory

The Eliseo Hotel is located in the largest spa area in Europe, the Thermae of Abano Montegrotto, in the evocative setting of the Euganean Hills Natural Park. A territory naturally devoted to health since Ancient Roman times and still today rich in history and villages, lush nature and food and wine traditions. A holiday here embraces complete relaxation. It slows the pace and is good for the spirit, thanks to spa treatments and bike-riding in the countryside, walks in the walled towns and tastings in the wine cellar.

Colli Euganei

Surprising nature

The Euganean Hills Natural Park protects the extraordinary territory in which there is a concentration of more than 1400 botanical species, equal to about one sixth of the Italian flora. The Euganean Hills are a complex natural island, where species from hot, arid environments and other mountain and sub-mountain species live in close contact. To explore the colours of the flora and fauna, there are 16 trails or you to walk along in the park-with a difference in altitude ranging from 100 to 1100 metres and a length ranging from 1.6 km to 50 km-as well as a cycling circuit, which is 64 km long and that crosses the countryside, the castles and the canals. For those who love golf, the Euganean Hills have 4 internationally known courses that allow you to play on 150 greens.

Ville Venete Colli Euganei

The noble charm of history

An immense artistic heritage: there are 61 in the Euganean Hills Natural Park. Residences of the Venetian nobility and the Venetian aristocracy were built between 1400 and 1800: the most famous are Villa Barbarigo with its Italian garden; Villa Emo Capodilista, in Palladian style with remarkable frescoes; Villa Vescovi, from the Renaissance and inspired by a Roman domus, contains the most extraordinary example of fresco decoration in Veneto; the Castle of Catajo, the royal palace of the Euganean Hills with over 350 rooms.

Instead, the walled towns, such as Este, Monselice and Montagnana, date back to the Middle Ages, telling us about the strategic role of these towns in past eras. In particular, Montagnana is the one with the perfectly preserved medieval walls; Este is famous for its ceramics and for being the cradle of the Este family. TheAtestino National Museum is located here and preserves the history of Monselice the ancient Venetians; the history of Monselice, where the Santuario Giubilare delle Sette Chiese (Sanctuary of the Seven Churches) is located, is instead a meeting point of civilizations. One of the most beautiful villages in Italy is Arquà Petrarca, which the Poet Petrarch chose as his home in the last years of his life.


The taste of excellence

The Euganean Hills are also synonymous with food and wine flavours and traditions. Following the "Wine Route", we set out to discover 11 DOC and 3 DOCG wines, in an area that was the birthplace of the first Italian Bordeaux-type wines. Olive oil is another protagonist in the Euganean territory and, in fact, the olive tree has a strong bond with the Euganean Hills: the four native plants Rasara, Marzemina, Rondella and Matosso have survived here for centuries. This is a unique territory in the world and it boasts radicchio, of which all 5 varieties have the PGI brand, and 5 slow food products: oca in onto (goose marinated in its own fat), Monte Veronese di Malga cheese,Grumolo delle Abadesse rice, Biancoperla corn and Paduan hen. After a tour of the wine cellars and oil mills, all that remains is to sit down at the table and enjoy a slice of Prosciutto Veneto Berico – Euganeo PDO, Risi e Bisi (rice with peas), snails and (wild pigeon) and torresani herbs from the Euganean Hills.


La magnificence of Veneto's towns

From the Euganean Hills, you can get to the most important cities of art in Veneto. The Eliseo is located just 10 km from Padua, the "learned city" and home of one of the oldest Italian universities. In Padua, don't miss a visit to the Basilica of Sant’Antonio, the Scrovegni Chapel, which is frescoed by Giotto, and Prato della Valle, one of the largest squares in Europe. Venice, the city on the water, the masterpiece that the whole world envies, is 55 km away. The romantic Verona, with its Arena, a Roman amphitheatre dating back to the 1st century AD, and Juliet's House, is 80 km away.

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